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'peaceful humanity, peaceful world'




Our greetings of Dharma are reflective and pacifying renditions of mind to touch every human heart.

They are intended to reach out to both the giver and recipient of Love and Compassion.

Each greeting is about looking deep into life's treasures that bring about lasting peace and joy.



Our Electronic Greetings to Send are Unique...


They are concise  presentations - in the form of e-books - to help uplift the human spirit.

They contain timeless truths that can awaken the human condition in diverse circumstances.

They are suitable for all occasions because the basic life principles - they seek to convey - reside in the field of timelessness.

They serve to transform human passion into compassion.

They are expositions of human reflection and introspection in search of ultimate peace.

They are non-material acts of generosity and benevolence to boost the human heart.

Their proceeds help to serve a worthy cause...'to save the children of  humanity'.

The circle of Dharma or 'Truth',  begins with charity and ends with charity.

Thank you, for your participation in promoting world peace!


 Our Timeless E-Book Greetings

have been presented -

in consideration of diverse interests

and platforms -

under four separate series headings

within the five main groups and their

sub-categories listed below.



The Ground of Being (Greetings Group 1)             



Gratitude for the Ground of Being


Lotus Greetings


Special Greetings

 The Human Condition (Greetings Group 2)


 Freedom of the Human Spirit


 Morality through the Cultivation of Respect (Greetings Group 3)  

  Virtue of Respect and Reverence 


Non Discrimination

Charity or Generosity

Devotion to Human Purpose

  Selfless Love as Loving Kindness

Self Respect



Sympathetic Joy

  Morality through the Cultivation of Responsibility (Greetings Group 4)



Virtue of Responsibility











 Morality through Investigative Reflective Attention (Greetings Group 5) 


Investigative Reflective Attention 


Investigative Insight


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    1 - 6 of 6 items